From the recording imperfect


Self destruction
somebody tell me when it became what I could have beenthen somebody lie to me and tell me I'm everythingcause it's been hard you see to find myself againoh, I'm an angry fool
all of the time I spent trading lovers for my innocencehey, did I ever trade the truthcause it would be a shame you see if I spent it all worthlesslyI'd be bankrupt from youth
cause it's bee hard livingtrying to believe
I remember back in the day when we were youngand all are dreams just came our wayNow ones broken, ones missing, and ones bluetell me cause I just want to knowwhen did it become this one man showI'm all tangled up and bruised
cause it's bee hard livingtrying to believe
am I self-destructing?am I self-destructing?are we self-destructing?figure it out.