1. Panic

From the recording The Trans-American Treatment


What is this world that we all have to bear?Is it the same as it is for you, are we going anywhere?I don't know.We all wake up in the morning.We all take a breath.We all search for comfort.We all have our tests.How are you?
chorus:Pick up the pieces and kiss them goodbyeit keeps on moving so don't even try.And the dandelion has it's day then it wiltsand it dies and the seeds fly away.
I have my coffee.I have my dog.I've got my guitar, and thank god I've got love.How about you?All these little necessities to help seeus through this long day of life.
Hard to be simple.Hard to be true.Hard to keep searching to find something new.Freedom comes when you're alone.Keep on trucking you're almost done.Keep on trucking you're almost done.
And after the long day is done I hope you canlook back and say, “boy that was fun”.And all those tambourines are still ringing in your head.And the next time you wake you're in somebody else's bed.
All the dandelion seeds fly away.