1. Jimmy

From the recording The Trans-American Treatment


Me and Jimmy and on a Sunday afternoondrinking wine down by the sea.Mildatilda on a sandy duneJimmy and I we were happy.
Until the moon fell under the sun
Sea street summers and getting highnothing left to do but just smile.Watching the tide roll outunderneath the eastern skies.Oh, at least I'm enjoying the ride.
Until the moon fell under the sunNow life's begun
chorus:Rosemary where you been?Playing in the tall grass again?Rosemary where you been?Did you fall?
4th of July was life on chapin beach at night.Throwing no worries to the sky.And the angels cried when little Renee she diedall our answers had no name.
Until the moon fell under the sunNow life's begun
So we ran to the night like children on a runaway kite.Holding hands and trying to feel free.Even Superman will cry when he sees himself pass by.Won't you walk slow with me.