1. Free

From the recording Never Broken


I know a man who wants his name to be independence.
He wants to walk down the highway alone.
He said he never wants to know the meaning of the word dependence.
He said living this way he would never go wrong.
He'd be free from love, free from me.
But I see a man struggling with acceptance.
Struggling with the words, daddy please come home.
I see a man standing backwards on the frontline.
Backwards on the front line of battlefields of dreams gone wrong.
BUT he's free from LOVE AND he’s free. My baby is free of me. And now I'm standing on the outside of his existence.
Standing on that battlefield of my own.
And somewhere down the road my name became independence.
I got to tell you, now baby, there ain't nothing going wrong because I'm free from your love. I'm free from me