Hello!  April 9th at 4 pm (ET) I will be doin a LIVE LIVING ROOM CONCERT

I've been trying to figure out how I can give during this time. Then I saw that my friend Jennifer Pastiloff author of "On Being Human" had started a food drive  to support families who were hit financially by COVID-19 and offer each household a one time gift of a $100 digital grocery card.  Her cause acts as a bridge between folks who are in immediate need of food and folks who are able to give a little to help them. My friend Jen has always been such an innovative giver and I've decided this is where I want to support. So, this living room concert is primarily to raise money for On Being Human 2020 - COVID 19 Food Drive. It is also in support of all who show up and need a little love and song. So join me on Thursday at 4 pm Eastern Time!! Give what you can and if you are someone in need go to this website for support. https://www.onbeinghuman2020.com/ 

Can't wait to play some music!  

Get your ticket here for the Stageit.com show!! TICKET LINK

Amy Jo