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Tammy's Always Dying

A dramatic comedy directed by Amy Jo Johnson and written by Joanne Sarazen. The film stars Felicity Huffman and Anastasia Phillips. Tammy's Alway's Dying is an Official Selection of TIFF 2019 

COMING 2020 




With a dead-end job, a pointless affair, no desirable skills and a dying manipulative mother, Catherine gets the opportunity to sell the only interesting thing about her, her miserable life story.


When Tammy is diagnosed with terminal cancer and the possibility of life without her becomes very real, so does Cathy’s repressed desire to leave her small town. Does she stay and trust the woman who has always let her down, or does she find the courage to live her own life? And will she ever be able to forgive herself?



Tammy’s Always Dying resonates with me on a core level. In Catherine’s journey to come to terms with her dysfunctional family life, I see reflections of my sometimes-tumultuous journey with my own family. While I may not have a Tammy in my life, my mother’s struggle with and eventual passing due to cancer, and my father’s consequential struggles with alcoholism and isolation, are what helped me relate to the themes of Joanne Sarazen’s deftly-crafted screenplay.The story is rife with intensely honest heart-breaking elements and subject matter, I immediately took to the levity that the script uses as a lifejacket to keep it from sinking into too dark a territory. I wanted to make this film because I know that there is a power to stepping back and looking at life from a fresh perspective, to not taking oneself too seriously, and to finding the amusing in the absurd. Despite what Tammy says in the film, she and Catherine are very much NOT “nothing people,” and it was a thrill to bring to life an authentically raw story of two captivating women. 


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