Amy Jo Johnson

Cracker Jacks

Amy Jo Johnson
Amy Jo Johnson


Cracker Jacks

40 days and 40 nights we're just trying to make things right. What we've discovered is we're all the same.

So, pick your piece and move in fast.

Then spend your life trying to make it last.

Oh we're all the same.

Hold on to what we once had.

Cracker Jacks yeah I'm in the box.

I hope this time I knock off your socks.

Because I'm the prize your life has to sustain.

Here we are in the same ole glass.

Sifting sand creating a past.

Lots of bubbles and heaps of blame.

Hold onto what we once had.

Try to forgive and forget our bad.

Don't forget before the dawn

the darkest hour will feel real long

and all our hopes will try to explain

come right before

don't look back cause you'll turn into salt

Don't look back because you'll turn into salt and half this mess is half my fault.

Oh at least you're a wonderful man.

Hold on to what we once had.

Try to forgive and forget my bad