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Never Broken

by Amy Jo Johnson

Released 2013
Cozy Life
Released 2013
Cozy Life
Amy Jo's latest collection of heart felt original tunes dives into the struggles we face in life, and persevering through them.
  • 03:52 Lyrics Bright Lights

    Bright lights

    I don't need you anymore. At least that's what I tell myself.

    And all the pain that I've endured is in a box up on a shelf.

    I don't know you anymore. Yes, that's what I said.

    And all the promises I made, were just stories in my head. Bright Light, don't last.

    Fallen stars all look the same.

    And when your spirit passes by, I'll wave.

    That's the price I've paid.

    I don't love you anymore. Oh, yes, that's what I tell myself.

    And all the stories that I've heard are in a box up on that shelf. Bright Lights don't last.

    Fallen stars all look the same.

    and when MY spirit passes by GOD damn you better wave

    Bright Lights, Bright Lights

  • 03:47 Lyrics Cracker Jacks

    Cracker Jacks

    40 days and 40 nights we're just trying to make things right. What we've discovered is we're all the same.

    So, pick your piece and move in fast.

    Then spend your life trying to make it last.

    Oh we're all the same.

    Hold on to what we once had.

    Cracker Jacks yeah I'm in the box.

    I hope this time I knock off your socks.

    Because I'm the prize your life has to sustain.

    Here we are in the same ole glass.

    Sifting sand creating a past.

    Lots of bubbles and heaps of blame.

    Hold onto what we once had.

    Try to forgive and forget our bad.

    Don't forget before the dawn

    the darkest hour will feel real long

    and all our hopes will try to explain

    come right before

    don't look back cause you'll turn into salt

    Don't look back because you'll turn into salt and half this mess is half my fault.

    Oh at least you're a wonderful man.

    Hold on to what we once had.

    Try to forgive and forget my bad

  • 02:50 Lyrics Lines


    I stare at the lines on your face.

    Remembering stories of heartache.

    Oh the battlefields come undone and all the war wounds you've won.

    I think they're beautiful.

    Here I am at 42.

    Don't look back now there was nothing we could do.

    And all the memories fade away, but our lines are here to stay. So, I'll think they're beautiful.

    Time moves on and some of us are gone.

    SO please embrace the lines on your face.

    Think of them as beautiful.

    Time moves on and some of us are gone.

    SO I'll embrace all the lines on my face.

    I'll think of them as beautiful.

  • 03:27 Lyrics Relief


    We're all just trying.

    Trying hard to find belief.

    So our bones can keep on standing through all this grief.

    We're all just pretending.

    And it's hard to see that underneath this exterior you're just like me.

    Don't give up your almost home.

    Just take my hand and I won’t let go until we find relief.

    We're all just tired and it's painful to see but within this final ending we might agree.

    Don't give up you're almost home.

    Just take my hand and I won't let go.

    Round and round together we roam, until we find relief

  • 03:08 Lyrics Monsters Inside

    Monsters inside

    Now I must take a bow and exit this crazy town.

    15 years of baggage and beliefs and they're freaking haunting me. So kiss my ass and wave goodbye to this fortress of disease.

    I need to find a place to hide and kill the monsters in me.

    Free me from this religion.

    AND turn me from this dream.

    Set fire to ambition. I'm walking away.

    I'm saving me.

    1,2,3 don't ever look back.

    1,2,3 I've got my own back.

    When you wake up from this nonsense there's no meaning only lies.

    Run far away, never to return, never look back

  • 04:17 Lyrics God


    When I was a little girl I looked to heaven to find the answers of the brand new day.

    I hoped that God was smiling upon me.

    I hoped that God would find my way.

    Tuesday's dead now, Wednesday's over.

    I think it's time I must take my stand.

    Because I don't know, God, if your out there would you lend me a helping hand.

    Just lift up your head as you fall on your knees.

    Lift your hands to the air.

    God help me please.

    Little-Bo Peep has lost her sheep and I can't find my way home. Life's a circle running through us.

    On this earth we shall roam.

    Just lift up your head as you fall on your knees.

    Lift your hands to the air.

    Oh, God, help me please.

    I eat the fruit that worms disease.

    I'm falling down on my hands and knees.

    Wouldn't it be nice if money grew on trees?

    The laughter lies and it dyes the fields of rage and the suicides. Standing face to face with me.

    Just lift up your head, as you fall on my knees.

    I lift my hands to the air, Oh, God help me please.

    Oh my God is dead

  • 02:59 Lyrics Julia Roberts

    Julia Roberts

    I want to be Julia Roberts in the movies.

    I want to make you laugh make you cry and make you want to be me.

    Then I want to steal all of her beautiful appeal and wrap it up so nobody else can see.

    That's the truth.

    Them are the facts.

    I'm a self-obsessed little brat.

    That's the deal.

    I've got no couth.

    It's a sort of disease from my unrequited youth.

    Then I want to die right here in Hollywood eye so everyone and their mother will remember me.

    Then I’m going to slap your tears all over my fears like a band-aid covering the lonely only truth.

    I want to be loved!

    I want to be loved!

    I want to be loved!

    I want to be a hooker, I want to be a saint, I want to be your best friend at your wedding, I want to be your runaway bride, I want to be a girl just looking at a boy, waiting to be loved, I want to be you

  • 03:57 Lyrics Self Destruction


    Somebody tell me when I became what I could've been.

    Then somebody lie to me and tell me I'm everything.

    Because it's been hard you see, to find myself again.

    I'm an angry fool.

    All of the time I spent, trading lovers for my innocence.

    Hey, did I ever trade the truth?

    Because it would be a shame you see, if I spent it all worthlessly.

    I would be bankrupt from youth.

    It's been hard, hard living. Trying to believe.

    I remember back in the day we were young our dreams just came our way.

    Now ones broken, ones missing and ones blue.

    Tell me, because I just want to know.

    When did it become a one-man show?

    I'm all tangled up and bruised.

    It's been hard living trying to believe.

    AM I self-destructing?

    Are we self-destructing?

    Figure it out

  • 04:03 Lyrics Free


    I know a man who wants his name to be independence.

    He wants to walk down the highway alone.

    He said he never wants to know the meaning of the word dependence.

    He said living this way he would never go wrong.

    He'd be free from love, free from me.

    But I see a man struggling with acceptance.

    Struggling with the words, daddy please come home.

    I see a man standing backwards on the frontline.

    Backwards on the front line of battlefields of dreams gone wrong.

    BUT he's free from LOVE AND he’s free. My baby is free of me. And now I'm standing on the outside of his existence.

    Standing on that battlefield of my own.

    And somewhere down the road my name became independence.

    I got to tell you, now baby, there ain't nothing going wrong because I'm free from your love. I'm free from me

  • 04:29 Lyrics Blue Butterfly Boy

    Blue Butterfly Boy

    Darling I know you want me to go.

    I can feel it like splinters right down to my toes.

    All my splendor I'll kindly surrender, if you just pretend to care.

    Because I want to be fragile.

    Handle me with care.

    So you're just a Hollywood brat, just another Hollywood brat pretending to be the blue butterfly boy.

    But I see you, oh lord I see you standing everywhere.

    But I want to be fragile.

    Handle me with care.

    You better run because you might fall in love.

    You better hide, because you might fall in love.

    Because I'm the blue butterfly girl

  • 03:18 Lyrics Dancing in-Between (Remix)

    Dancing in-between

    Got so scared it made me cry.

    The world took me for a ride.

    Got so scared it made me laugh. Tickled my pride.

    Now I'm dancing in-between.

    Cause I got nowhere to hide.

    Romancing the seams of my battered up insides.

    Wonderful is the falling of a broken dream.

    Written on the cover of a New York magazine.

    I'll stomp my hands, Jo baby, I'll clap my feet.

    Cause there is always another Firstman to beat.

    Dancing in-between because I got nowhere to hide.

    Romancing the seams of my battered up insides.

    I'm the fool, got no scene, tangled up in this god damn in-between.

    I made the break so baby pass the wine.

    Just wasting all this precious time.

    Dancing in-between.

    Got so scared it made me cry.



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