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My friend Josh says hi. He used to collect your pictures when he was a little boy, and I think he still has them. I found them one day, and I couldn't peel them apart due to their stickiness. I guess you could say he's a pretty big fan!
Hey. I think its great to see you acting. I'm watching flashpoint for the first time. Binge watching just a little.
Amy Jo, we love you! We would love to do quizzes about you since we are big fans :) Feel free to reach out to us. The Quizsumo team.
I have been a fan of Ms Johnson for years. From watching her on Power Rangers with my son as a child to Flashpoint. Beautiful woman, fantastic talent. I used to get crap from my personnel while I was in the Army for watching her with my son. I was glad to take the ribbing. Again great talent. Thank you.
As I sit and watch Flash point, as we speak, I am sad it's not on anymore. I love every character you have ever played. I hope you continue to be in more movies and shows. Many actors start producing movies, but it's not the same for my favorite actors. I'd rather see you in the movie! I have a son that loves Power Rangers and I bought him Mighty Morphine Power Ranger movie and he is constantly watching it. I will keep watching for new projects and hope you continue acting!!!! Thanks for being an incredible actor!!!
Hi, you are an amazing actress and singer. I love every movie/tv show you have been in. Your character on flashpoint made me want to become a police officer. You are an amazing insperation to everyone. Thank you for what you do as a actress and singer
Amy Jo- I just wanted to say thank you for making my childhood awesome as I grew up with Power Rangers and loved you on the show as the original Pink Ranger. Though I'm now 28, I still have the original series on DVD, and some days still channel my inner geek and do watch it on occasion. While I am not sure if I'll ever meet you, I must say you're exceptionally talented in everything and all you've done. Have a "Morphinominal" day and I'll always remember meeting up with my buddies after school and pretending to be power rangers fighting putties and how the girl in our group always wanted to be you. I was always Jason or Tommy, because 1) the sword was cool, 2) the dragon dagger was cooler! Keep being awesome! Mike
Power Rangers Forever
or you to be in NC
I think you're awesome. If you don't mind my saying, I had a major crush on you when you were on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.
Love your angelic voice. It is inspirational to see so much talent and heart heightened for the better of children and mankind. I salute you Amy Jo.
You're the BEST pink ranger EVER!
Your website looks great. I loved you in Power Rangers and even more in Flashpoint I can't wait to see The Space Between. Congratulations on all your hard work
Amy, Great website, great music, and great acting. As a kid I was a huge fan of power rangers as well. Keep up the great work. ---Adam
Hey Amy Jo Johnson I love the site. I love pics. Are you adding more stuff to your shop on your site?
Watching Flashpoint as an ex-cop I really enjoy watching your role because you did an outstanding job representing a female on a tactical team.
Amy Jo. You are truly the best. You werebest known for playing Kimberly as the Pink Ranger on Power Rangers, and you continued your acting career outside Power Rangers in a big way. You are also a true singer and being an amazing mother of your 7 year old daughter. I wish you a wonderful Happy Holiday and enjoy a wonderful new year in 2016. Best of luck.
Great site. Simple and neat. Floored your buddy Austin, he couldn't believe I had an original red ranger unopened with a price tag of 5.00 still on it. I have a pink one waiting if you ever make it to a comiccon in Kansas city.
Hello from England Amy, I have wonderful memories of watching you in Power Rangers some 20 years ago. Being 14 in 1995 you were the first actress I had a crush on from the television. Keep up the great work and all the best for 2016.
Go Pink Ranger!
And a very merry Christmas to you, as well... or if you don't celebrate that, happy holidays to you, with whatever would be appropriate... Lilly and the Snowman is adorable, by the way.
i grew up watching you on power rangers and all your movies are great
Hey, Amy Jo. Your site looks great. Keep up the good work.
Hey! Amy Jo Johnson; As a "Multi-Talented" artist myself (thank you for your music for In-between times) I was wondering, where or whom do I speak to to possibly send you some Original Music for your upcoming projects, or perhaps to collaborate on things in future. I am also in Canada & would like to support a fellow Artist. Cheerful December !
I have and will always be your greatest fan since Power Rangers Day 1! I hope to meet you one day! You were one of my heroes when I was a teen. I love you heaps!
We all want Amy Jo Johnson to return as the Pink Range Lionsgate 2017! And throw me in there too as the Black Ranger and Jason Frank as White Ranger.
I support you and Jason frank as Pink and White rangers for the new Lionsgate MMPR movie. If I owned Lionsgate I'd throw you guys in there no problem. I apologize that I don't own the company so that I could do this. Throw me in there as the Black ranger. But at the very least you and Jason Frank at the very least deserve to get your roles back! Let's do this and get the word out. Hope to see you in more action movies! I like you doing action stuff like detective military type stuff, I mean that is afterall your background, action type work. well thanks for reading. Would have been even better if you were also in the original MMPR Japanese series as well the original Japanese Rangers show was the best. Walter Emmanuel Jone's awful grin was always an irritation on the show. It's like why are you always having that smart grin on your face. I never understood why he did that on the show. I hope that you get and read this message Amy Jo. Vote Amy Jo Johnson for Lionsgate MMPR 2017!!!!
This is the first time I commented someone. Just so you know, I am quite shy and have never chatted with anyone like you before. But I will say that one thing I do have in common with you is I am an artist like you and someday I would like to do films and other pieces as well. One more thing, I don't just see you as a celebrity anymore, I see you as a woman who knows what shes doing and loves it. And maybe someday, I could try to meet you. And Kudos to "The Space Between".
Just checking out the new site. Looks great!!
The website is great!! Can't wait for your movie The Space Between to come out. I already saw Bent and Lines and they were fantastic! I look forward to supporting you in future projects (crowd funding seems the way to go) Hopefully one day I'll get to meet you. It's been a dream of mine since I was 6 lol. Go Pink ;-)
Thanks so much for creating this site I've been a fan of Amy's for a while and now it will be easier to follow her career successes.
Just got to meet Austin St. John / Steve Cardenas / Karan Ashley at Stan Lee's Comikaze Expo about 2 weeks ago. I also got to meet David Yost & Walter Jones this past year at San Diego Comic-Con & you're the last of the original Power Rangers that I hopefully can meet you someday in person.
Looking good, Amy Jo! I'll take a closer look with my web developer eye to make sure everything is up to snuff!
Hey wonderful woman! Thumbs up for the new website! Keep up the great work! Hope we can meet again soon...and maybe this time, drink some wine...oh that rhymed :D Much love from Brazil ;) xoxo
Hello from the bucolic splendor of southeastern Oklahoma!
I have always been a huge fan of Flashpoint and still watch it in reruns every night at midnight. Your character resonates with me, someone who is tiny in stature and feminine but strong and fearless. I am an actress and an equestrian and sometimes am second guessed as being very vulnerable. Also I just read about the loss of your mother which is my greatest sorrow in my life. Your music reflects the sadness of such a profound and life changing loss. You are my new role model!
I like it when you played in the Power Rangers Series
Amy Jo, words can not describe how straight and to the point your 'NEW' website looks and works. For myself being an IT guy, I know how important it is to get information about yourself and what you are doing out to the people that support you. Seeing you at RICC last weekend was great hearing all of those questions asked of you and your replies, hearing how you have TOUCHED so many lives thru your work, and music is wonderful. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, and HOPE to see you again at RICC.
I got to watch you the first time on Flashpoint and loved your acting then. Good luck for your film making.
Love your website, also love and your pictures and music.
Love your website, simple but has everything. I loved looking through the gallery at so many photos and it's great to be able to listen to all your music. I've already got a playlist with your music on Spotify ;) Hope to see more tv/movies with you in front of the camera.
your a beauitufl actresss and singer. also do more superhero shows.
Loved seeing you at RICC last weekend... Your new website took me by surprise, but it looks great... and I love "Never Broken"! I wish you'd gotten to perform some of it at RICC! Thanks again for all you do!
Soooooo loved you on Flashpoint as well as the rest of the cast. One show I wish would never have ended, and thank goodness for Netflix to watch it on.
Good Work your Website. Keep it up Andreas
John was here.
Would you come back to Rhode Island comic con next year
Hey, Amy Jo!! The new site looks great :) Love how accessible your films & music are! Hope you're having a relaxing week after being at RI Comic Con last week. Take care & I'll talk to you soon-- maybe see you in Chicago for a Con? *hint, hint* ;) Much love always, --@mrssuperhoover
Hi Amy! I love the new website I'm happy to be part of The Space Between and the indiegogo campaign, hanging out with you and the gang at the stageit shows, and finally getting to meet you at the Rhode Island Comic Con. Keep up the good work Amy! May GOD Bless you and all your future projects.
Greetings from Dallas, Texas! I was delighted to help out with your new film, and I know it's going to be great! I have been a fan of yours since your days as the Pink Ranger, and I know that even better days and more opportunities await you. Go, Power Ranger!!!
Just checking out the new site! Looks good on my iPhone. Nice job.
Amy, this is a fantastic website! Not only is the site easily navigable, but making your music and films available for listening and viewing here is a wonderful idea, too! It's something other performers should consider putting on their websites. Your site has quite a classy design - it isn't busy, no unnecessary text, no distracting colour designs or patterns. I like it!
Your new website looks great!
still watching the original power ranger 20 years later .love it
Congrats on the site, when you come back to montreal lets get in touch I can be your driver again.
Love the new website!!! Easy to access and well put together. Love the music too! Keep up the excellent work! Everything you touch and produce is simply magic! Your success is a testament of that.
Love the new website. Glad you liked my idea to add in some merchandise options. Can not wait to see what you do next. Would love to hear some new music. Music gives life to everything.
Love the new website!! Wish you all the best and hope to meet you one day :)
Hey girlie, it's your butterfly girl here. Of course I had to sign this, you know I like to talk. ;) I'm so damn proud of you, there are not words to describe how much. I can not wait to see you continue to grow as an artiest and soul, you inspire me every single day. Thank you for helping me grow my wings and share my story. I'm so looking forward to seeing TSB with you, hope we can chat over some coffee soon too. Huge hugs, tons of love, and nothing but positivity always coming your way! xoxo
Signing your guest book! Been here!! Love it!
Hi Amy This is a fantastic site. I have been a fan of your since the pink ranger days. It's been awesome to watch you grow into an incredible actress! Your music is amazing and such a beautiful voice. Am so looking forward to seeing your move next year! I wish you nothing but the best and continued success.
Welcome friends!! Sign my guest book please and leave a comment. LIFE is short so LIVE it!!!!!!!

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